About Us

"I'm just a mom that knows how to sew."     

      Hi, I'm Joni. I was a stay at home mom of seven, married to an amazing and loving man. I’ve sewn for others for over 35 years. During that time, I discovered an unmet need for functional and stylish accessories for walkers and wheelchairs.

      My husband unexpectedly passed away in October of 2015. We were devastated. I wasn’t sure how I’d survive. I couldn’t do much about my heartache, but I needed a plan to support myself and family.

      So, I gathered my ideas and designs from sewing for others and came up with a product line for those with mobility needs.      


      Because of the amazing feedback I was getting, I decided to take my bags to the MedTrade Expo 2019. The Havanue Bag won Gold for the New Product of the year and came home with 35 medical retail accounts across the country.


      With the support of family, friends, and the Havanue team, we’ve been able to launch several products into the market, including our widely popular Havanue bag. 

 >> Fast forward to 2022 Partnership, Meet Colton


     Hi, I'm Colton. Life happens for us all. Everyday, in big ways and small. For me and my family, life happened in a big way on June 15, 2019. 

      It was a summer Saturday in Montana and my wife, Janelle, and I were visiting my family. On that day, I went off-road riding with friends. It was a day on the trails like any other, except this one proved to be life changing. 

       I was injured in an accident that day, sustaining a spinal cord injury. It’s been one of the biggest life changes and challenges, but we keep on rolling. 


      Becoming a wheelchair user opened my eyes to a lot of issues that wheelchair users face. I began to also think about other issues some face regarding mobility and accessibility. 

       I was beginning my own journey to tackle these issues when, through a friend, I connected with and met Joni and her Havanue team.


       Through the two of us sharing our visions for what we see and what we want to help improve, we decided to join forces and become partners.       

      We haven’t looked back since, and we’re excited for what lies ahead.  

      Havanue is all about living the life you’ve always wanted, despite the road bumps and obstacles we encounter along the way. 

                     We must always persevere, even when life happens. 

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